Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa

Indulge yourself in a moment of pure healing

Relax your mind, body, and spirit at Wolkendorf Spa. We offer an extensive menu of services in a natural environment. Partnering with the most ‘green’ product lines, our Spa offers a truly organic experience and a restful space for guests.

Spa Etiquette


Spa Services

Spa Arrival

Prior to entering the Spa, kindly complete a Spa examination form which allows us to avoid any contraindications and helps us offer you a custom-made treatment.

Spa etiquette

For pool and sauna access, we offer lockers and towels to all our guests, where you can change our cloths.

Pool and sauna

Kindly take a shower before and after using the sauna or pool. When using the sauna, please sit on your towel.

It is time to relax

Children under 18 years are prohibited from accessing the spa.
We have special activities and playgrounds for the youngest, whilst you enjoy a moment of relaxation.


We recommend to leave your valuables in the safe located in your hotel room. We do not take any responsibility for lost items.

Medical conditions

Pregnant guests who have had recent surgery or any other medical issues are kindly asked to inform us before entering the spa.


In all spa areas, it is forbidden to smoke, bring food and drink or to allow dogs or other pets in.

Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa

Indulge yourself in a moment of pure healing

Service hours

  • Spa: 11:00am – 00:00am
  • Massage: 01:00pm – 09:00pm
  • Children under the age of 16, are allowed in the Spa only between 12:00-17:00 o’clock under close parental supervision.


Wolkendorf Signature Massage

Thanks to the use of aromatic oils and special massage techniques, this massage has a harmonizing effect for the entire body, becoming our etiquette massage.

50’ – 210 Ron

Fully body reflex massage

inspired by Abhyanga/ Ayurvedica

Ayurvedic massage has huge benefits to the mind, body, skin and immune system. This involves copious amounts of oil and a unique therapist sequence that relaxes and softens skin tissues.

60’ – 260 Ron 

Back neck relaxation massage

This massage focuses on the shoulder, neck and head area through specific traction, pressure, and stretching movements. It also stabilizes the physical and mental balance, feeling completely relaxed.

20’ / 30’ – 99 Ron /169 Ron



Hammam Massage 40’ – 285 Ron

The hammam gives a well-being, relaxed, enlarged pores and leaves skin more beautiful, brighter and more elastic. Here you will find the perfect combination of air heat and atmospheric humidity.

30’ – 99 Ron / 70’ – 169 Ron


Full body scrub 25’ – 125 Ron

La Alegere: Sare de Himalaya/ Himalayan Salt, Cafea verde/neagra / Black or Green Coffee, Scortisoara/Cinnamon, Cocos/Coconut, Piper Negru/Verde / Black or Green Pepper, Macadamia, Miere/Honey, Trandafir uscat/Dry rose, Cacao/Cocoa, Seminte de in/Flaxseed. Cuisoare/Pimento, Rozmarin/Rosemary.

COUPLES TREATMENTS ( massage in couple)

Relax with your loved one and be pampered in the welcoming setting of our spa.

Special packages

WW SPA – 99 ron

Includes: sauna access, hamam, indoor and outdoor pools, steam bath, salty water pool, relaxing silent zone, 10% discount on any type of massage

99 ron

1 day full Spa Ritual

Includes: sauna access, hammam, outdoor and indoor pools, steam bath, salty water pool, relaxing silent zone, 1 Wolkendorf Signature Massage 50’

250 Ron

Service hours: 01:00 pm – 09:00 pm

Reservations +4 0374 934 024 /

Type of subscriptions

Wolkendorf Silver 3 months – 800 Ron

Includes: sauna access, hamam, indoor and outdoor pools, steam bath, salty water pool, relaxing silent zone, 3 relaxing massages 30 ‘and 2 body peelings

Wolkendorf Silver 6 months – 1.500 Ron

Includes: sauna access, hamam, indoor and outdoor pools, steam bath, salty water pool, relaxing silent zone, 6 relaxing massages 30 ‘and 3 body peelings

Wolkendorf Bio Hotel & Spa

Indulge yourself in a moment of pure healing

Spa Service hours: 10:00am – 00:00am

Spa Lounge

A tasty way to pamper yourself while following your SPA program. Natural refreshments, relaxing teas and healthy foods complement the menu:
  • water with cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint, orange juice & grapefruit
  • various types of hot or cold tea
  • seasonal fruit
  • walnuts & candied fruits

*Kindly note that no food or drink is permitted in pools, saunas or steam baths.

Chrome Aromatherapie 60°C – 70°C

The sauna offers relaxation, not only for the body, but also for the sense of smell. The wood cedar from which it is made (called the tree pharmacist) releases volatile aromatic substances that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Finnish Sauna 90°C – 110°C

The temperature can reach 90-100 ° C. Since our body cannot tolerate a temperature higher than 42 ° C, it automatically increases the dilatation of the pores and skin perspiration, losing excess heat as fast as possible.

Steam bath

Hot steam, essential oils which emanate at a temperature of 50-55 ° C and high humidity (80-90%) have a purifying effect on your body.

Loud Relaxing Zone

A quiet and relaxing area with ambient music and cosy fireplace.

Relaxing silent zone

A quiet and mandatorily silent area in which we let ourselves carried away into the world of dreams.

Cold pool

We invite you to cool off. Hot sauna sessions alternate with short baths in the cold pool. It is beneficial for skin and blood circulation.


With 25% salinity, it is the healthiest choice for respiratory and skin purifying treatment. It is also highly recommended for sensitive skin because it is a non-allergenic.

Oxygen pool

Water and oxygen are the two primary elements for life on the planet, and their use as active oxygen in the pool only protects us.


By inhalation of salty aerosols, the activity of the respiratory system is improved. The wall of the salt crystals contains 84 minerals, of the approximately 92 minerals found in the human body.

Ice Fountain

Sauna sessions last no more than 15 minutes and it is recommended to be followed by cooling bath in a cold-water pool, a cold shower or even the ice fountain fits nicely in between these saunas.

Scottish Shower

A unique feeling is offered by the Scottish shower that brings many benefits and energizes you with a fast jet of cold water that flows directly from the cask.


Massages menu addresses all ages, regardless of body tone or skin type.

2 double rooms with shower

1 massage room for couples