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Wolkendorf Biohotel Spa is certainly one of the highlights of our oer. It all came to life when we understood that in order to be able to take care of the environment and to be able to dedicate time and energy to such a mission, it is absolutely necessary that we take care of ourselves first. In other words, generosity towards the environment is possible only if we are generous with ourselves, giving us the opportunity to bring all the positive thoughts.

That’s why we wanted you to have the chance to calm down and
relax, to regain your positive energy in a friendly, warm
environment, dedicated to massage therapy, water and salt. 


Spa: 12:00 – 23:00

Massage: 13:00 – 21:00


Reception: 100 / +4 0727 316 091 

Email: reservations@wolkendorfhotel.ro

* Access for children under 16 to the Spa is allowed only between 12:00 and 17:00, under the close supervision of parents.


> access

Before accessing the spa area, you are invited to fill in the consultation form in order to prevent any contraindications and to oer a real therapeutic program for you.

> outfit

The spa access area has locker rooms where guests can pick up towels and change outfits.

> use

Because hygiene is extremely important, before and after using the sauna and water pools you are asked to take a shower and use the towel for the sauna seating.

> moments of relaxation

Access for children under 16 is allowed only between 12:00 and 17:00, under the close supervision of parents. The rest of the time the activities dedicated to them do not intersect with the relaxation and care program dedicated to adults.

> valuables

We recommend that you use the safe in your room with confidence to store valuables. Spa sta cannot take responsibility for lost items.

> medical conditions

People who have recently had surgery or have various medical problems, as well as pregnant women, are asked to notify sta of these details before accessing the spa area.



A suitable place to complete the spa tour.
Here you will find:

– water flavored with lemon, ginger, mint and flowers
– fresh citrus juice
– various assortments of cold or hot tea
– seasonal fruits
– candied nuts and fruits


The relaxation spaces within a spa are of great importance
because they complete the time spent here, giving value to
the moments of break.

A quiet area, suitable for resting by the fireplace, with relaxing
ambiental music.


A pleasantly arranged room, dedicated to meditation in the presence of a mineral wall built of salt crystals containing 84 minerals, which are part of the 92 minerals found in the human body.


Experience great types of saunas.

Whether it is a dry sauna or a wet sauna, the beneficial eects of this ritual have been known for many generations and are an essential step in any relaxation program.

> Cromatic aromatherapy

Here the optimum temperature is 60 ºC-70 ºC. The saune is made of cedar wood and it has special therapeutic properties and in this set it releases volatile aromatic substances with antibacterial role.

> Finnish sauna

In this sauna the temperature can reach 90 ºC – 110 ºC. Because our body cannot tolerate high temperatures, it naturally activates the mechanisms of adaptation to this hot and dry environment, making pore dilation and sweating itself a beneficial process.

> Steam bath

This is a humid sauna that operates at about 50 ºC – 55 ºC, where the hot steam and evaporating essential oils have a purifying role on the body.


The offer included several types of massage and body cosmetic treatments dedicated to guests of all ages, regardless of skin type. We have 2 massage rooms with a shower and 1 massage room for couples.

> Wolkendorf – signature massage – 50’

This massage includes various techniques with light, gentle and relaxing movements. It helps eliminate stress, improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and provides a deep state of relaxation involving the back muscles, upper and lower limbs. Due to the special massage technique, it represents our massage label.

> Full body reflex massage – 60’ – 50’

The most popular massage, “pampering” as we like to call it, aims to relax and remove fatigue. A total relaxation therapeutic sequence that includes the whole body.

> Back neck relaxation massage 30’

This massage focuses only on the back muscles, relaxes tense muscles, reduces muscle contractions and helps to release muscle tension and pain, through specific movements of traction, pressure and stretching.

> Hammam massage – 50’

It takes place on a heated stone bed, in an intimate and warm space, with an ambient light that puts you to relax. It is an ancestral ritual, to beautify and strengthen the body, which restores well-being and purifies the body.

> Prenatal massage – 25’

It is our pampering for future mothers and it happens on a special massage chair that provides a safe and relaxing position. It reduces the discomfort and pain during pregnancy, induces a deep state of relaxation and releases muscle tension, bringing multiple benefits to the mother and baby.


Therapeutic baths and showers are another fundamental step in a
complete spa program, as the alternation of hot and cold water,
exercise in this environment have immediately visible benefits and

> Cool water bath

Short baths in the cold water bath certainly have beneficial effects on
circulation and on the skin.

> Ice fountain

The sauna sessions do not last more than 15 minutes and our
recommendation is that they be followed by a cold shower or
ice fountain.

> Cold shower

A Scottish shower, is a cold shower that flows directly from the
barrel, oers dierent sensations after leaving the sauna.